Choosing Champagne

  • Extra Brut (very dry), Cuvee de Reserve and Blanc de Blancs Brut are aperitif wines. They also go well with entrees, oysters, seafood and fish.
  • Rosé and Vintage Champagnes may be served with poultry, game and red meat. If several Vintage Champagnes are served, the younger wines should be drunk first.
  • Dry and Medium Dry Champagnes should be served with the dessert.

How to Cool Champagne

Champagne should be served cool but not iced. The ideal temperature is between 43° and 46°F (6° and 8°C). Avoid leaving Champagne too long in the refrigerator since this can spoil the wine. It is better to use and ice bucket half-filled with ice and water.

How to Serve Champagne

In stemmed glasses, which should be of the finest quality. Preference should be given to tulip-shaped glasses.

How to Keep Champagne

Bottles should be laid horizontally in a cool, dark place (maximum temperature 59°F (15°C)) and away from draughts.