Chateau Grand Rousseau Bordeaux Red Wine 

The estate is still owned by the same family for four generations. It is situated, at 35 kms from SAINT-EMILION and 45 from BORDEAUX, on the tourist road of the Entre-Deux-Mers vineyards, spread between two rivers the Garonne and the Dordogne.

This vineyard of a 110 hectares (275 acres) is exclusively planted with noble grape varieties producing fine and generous wines with a very classical bouquet due to the soil combination of clay and limestone.

Grape Varieties

Merlot: 40% of the estate. It makes a full bodied and round wine. It ripens early so it is the first variety gathered.

Cabernet Sauvignon: 45% of the estate. It brings the wine its structure from tannins but also delicate & refined flavour profile. It grows well here but it ripens very slowly, so it is the last variety harvested. It needs years to reach its full maturation.

Cabernet Franc: 15% of the estate. It makes a supple and fine wine, less color than the Cabernet Sauvignon but with a more intense bouquet. Its ageing is more rapid.

Bordeaux reds are the result of a skilful combination of these varieties of grapes, joined to ancestral traditions of wine-making and the techniques of modern oenology.

After a selective harvest , a rigorous process of wine-making retains the flavors of fruit - especially ripe berries. Stainless steel tanks , called "cuves", thermo-regulated, maintain a constant temperature during the fermentation. The blend of the grape varieties confers to these wines forest fruits, cherry, blackcurrant, vanilla and sometimes violet that you can find in their bouquet that is to say after maturation. They tend to exhale their palette of flavors along the meal. In their deep red robe (color), This wine will age very well for several years to come. These wines will flatter your palate. You can taste and enjoy them with delicatessen, a roasted fowl, some red meat or a board of cheeses.They must be served at a temperature of 14 to 16C.


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