Mont-Ferrant Gran Cuvee

Tasting Notes

Type: Brut
Composition: Macabeu (predominant)
Alcoholic Content: 12%
Minimum Aging in Cellars: 18 Months

The base wines for this are selected from the best available every year. After an aging process averaging 18 months the result is a balanced and refined cava. It has pale tones which take one a slightly greenish hue.

The aromas are clean and primary. It has a low sugar content and a precise definite taste of ripe fruit (apple, lemon) as well as a more remote flavour reminiscent of aniseed.

It is an ideal cava for cocktails, apertifs, and to drink with shellfish and also pastries.


Clean and primary. Ripe fruit and a touch of aniseed. Suitable for cocktails, apertifs, and also with pastries.


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